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Beyond systems and rules, there is the Harmony that lives within us.
Allow yourself into the Magic of being!
Enjoy the frequency of pure Love, divine Light, absolute Oneness.


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Telegram Kanal

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A channel to get Inspirations and Insights from the dimensions of Love, Light, Being – in opposite to the dimensions of searching, binding, dominating.

‘Himmel auf Erden’
Zoom Meetings

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Take part in our 1x month ZoomMeeting to establish your Heaven on Earth here, now, in your daily life.

What to expect?

♥ Check-In: CoreTopic for the session

channeled Guided Meditation

individual & collective SoulCommunication

hands-on Q&A



Sacred Music

Soulful Music is the easiest way to bring your being into a high frequency.

These Songs and Mantras by the “Lichtschwestern” are uplifting, inspirational and expanding.

Enjoy the sounds of the Native American Flute, wonderful arranged LightMantras (“LichtMantren”) and the Daily Mantras to sing along.
Does this music touch your heart? You can subscribe to the Lichtschwestern YouTube, Telegram und Instagram feed.

About Marlene Katharina

I love the sky, the vastness, the water, the wind, the waves. I love the earth, the trees, the flowers, the green, the ground beneath my feet. I love the love, the light, the lightness, the life. I love the silence, the stillness, the soul, the being. I love the simplicity, the joy of the heart, the spontaneity of the inner Source in its expression, in its fullness, in its perfection. I love the expansion, the limitlessness, the freedom, the all-Oneness, the Cosmic Harmony, the Universal Peace. I love to sing. I love to look up to sky. I love being silent. I love  to paint. I love swimming. I love to shine. I love being. I love to love.

I also love the multiple expressions of my soul that I am blessed with:

  • DimensionShifting Coaching
  • teaching Meditation
  • choir conducting
  • writing poetry
  • composing
  • soulful Mantra Singing
  • playing the piano
  • channeling Sacred Songs
  • SoulCommunication
  • uncovering your Soul’s Qualities
  • Sacred Art
  • deep-listening & allowing all that is

I am grateful for

  • my musical education
  • my coaching training i.e. from Anthony Robbins and Rich Litvin
  • my experience and education in meditation, channeling and spiritual guidance
  • my masters and teacher – every human I ever met in my life
  • the tough experiences in my life and on my path that blessed me with the deepest Insights about myself, humanity and all that is
  • the access to my inner truth, that no-one can ever take away from me

1:1 Opportunities


You will learn and practice how to communicate with your soul, the higher intelligence that is within you. You will be enabled to receive answers to your deepest questions – directly from Source, Essence, the Absolute Supreme.

Your access to absolute Truth as it is revealing itself to you, according to your ever new state of consciousness.



Shifting your perspective, perception and dimensional plain allows you to experience an entirely different reality in no time – a n entirely new life.

A simple and profound way to live your soul’s desire.

Your SoulMantra

Your SoulMantra comes to you directly from within you, from your source-essence. It provides direction, protection, empowermet and support in every walk of life. You will be equipped with all that you need, in order to receive it.

A life-long, individual companion that helps you do remember, who you truly are.

Conversations & Inspirations

HarmonyHelpers #2 – The “Blue Giants” Community with Æshwa Rainbow Dragon [Session 1]

Do you want to explore the option of living in one of the most beautiful places of Mother Earth? With this video you are invited to feel into the opportunity of living close to nature in the "Blue Zone", connected with other aspiring, inspiring and conscious souls....

HarmonyHelpers #1 – Æshwa Rainbow Dragon on Intentional Communities (ICs)

More and more of us are looking for alternative living options. Instead of living inmidst of anonymous cities and houses, surrounded by many people with little to zero human connection, nature, co-creation and support, we are looking for paradisiacal places with...

PeacePeople #2 ❧ Rainbow Dragon ~ Ascension is INEVITABLE!

As much as he actively and creatively contributes to the healing and ascension of this world in his actions, he contains the wisdom, warmth and perceptible oneness in his being: Listen to Rainbow Dragon's sharings and experiences that help us raise our personal and...

PeacePeople #1 ❧ OONA SOLEIL ~ The First thing you need to manifest is YOURSELF!

Oona Soleil is in a blaze of a calm and loving field of peace so I asked her to have a conversation with me. Here you can tune into it and be nourished by her presence and the insights she shares 💙5:40 Being at peace with every person no matter what & always...



I’m always thrilled to receive Thank You gifts and co-create in multiple ways. Are you inspired? Feel free to connect und get in touch to make this experience even more magnificent! If you want to send happy money, go to Donate and find the way that is most joyful for you.