Do you want to explore the option of living in one of the most beautiful places of Mother Earth?
With this video you are invited to feel into the opportunity of living close to nature in the “Blue Zone”, connected with other aspiring, inspiring and conscious souls. You will learn about the Intentional Community “Blue Giants”, located in Sardinia, Italy and different ways to be part of it – as a visitor, guest, supporter, investor, or in actually living there.


0:00:47 Introduction & Reconnection

0:03:12 Importance of “ICs” (=Intentional Communities)

0:06:44 Common ground of all ICs worldwide

0:08:51 Global vision

0:11:23 Living in ICs: One IC for a lifetime? Or changing ICs every few years?

0:18:17 Why Sardinia? | Follow your heart

0:25:35 Why the Name ‘Blue Giants’? | Our role at this time on earth

0:30:08 What is the Vision of the ‘Blue Giants’?

0:34:28 What is the Mission of the ‘Blue Giants’?

0:36:24 How does a typical day in the BG Community look like? | Land, Location, Neighbourhood

0:41:58 Sardinian Landscape, Surrounding, Geology in pictures and words

0:43:57 Balance between DOing and BEing | Property funding

0:51:05 Who would be a good match for the BlueGiants Community? | Hardskills | Softskills

1:00:20 Projects: Re People | Shamanteria

1:02:27 Reach out! | Visitors, Volunteers, New Members, Supporters, Investment Opportunities

1:04:47 Parting words | Contact & Connect

 About Æshwa Rainbow Dragon

Æshwa Rainbow Dragon has lived, and travelled through over 120+ communities worldwide and is a co-founder of some intentional communities including Visionarios, Eco-Venus, and Chirusco, as well as the Utopian Ecovillage Network, the first Seed Festival in Adelaide/Australia, the South Australian Damanhurian Esoteric school of Meditation Group and the Alliance of Intentional Communities of Australia. He has a passion for the land and believes as custodians of the land it is our duty to maintain its health and vitality, therefore ensuring the health and vitality of the plants, the environment and ultimately our own well-being. RD has studied Agroforestry, Permaculture, and Sustainable Constructions Methods as well as Conflict Resolution and Decision Making Processes. With over 2 decades of experience in the community world he consults, advices and creates Intentional Communities, Ecovillages, Co-housing, Co-ops, and similar projects worldwide; He will walk you through all the essential steps, how to avoid the main pitfalls that a successful IC project wants to avoid. Besides being passionate about sharing what he has learned, he is continually expanding his awareness through personal and spiritual development. He practices Yo-kung, Meditation, travelling, Shamanistic practices, exploring unusual places, eating, cooking, processing high-vitality foods, and hugging trees.

“The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream; risk to live their dreams and do their best to manifest heaven on earth……Dare to dream, dare to take an initiative of light for our planet and humankind!”

Currently Æshwa Rainbow Dragon is co-founding the Intentional Community “Blue Giants” in Sardinia.



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Do you want to explore the Blue Giants surrounding and the breath-taking nature of Mother Earth on Sardinia? Watch the Magical Impressions Video of the Blue Giants!