More and more of us are looking for alternative living options. Instead of living inmidst of anonymous cities and houses, surrounded by many people with little to zero human connection, nature, co-creation and support, we are looking for paradisiacal places with beautiful pure nature, like-minded people and lots of space for self-expression, self-exploration, self-development and healing.

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0:00:50 Introduction & about Æshwa Rainbow Dragon (background & IC experience)

0:05:40 What are “ICs” (=Intentional Communities)? Definition of Intentiontional Communities

0:07:14 Past 200 years of history of ICs

0:15:02 Other communities/ non-intentional communitiesEcovillages

0:17:33 Examples of ICs

0:19:40 Sieben Linden

0:19:58 Findhorn

0:21:24 Ängsbacka

0:21:42 Matva Sei

0:22:27 Damanhur

0:23:12 ZEGG

0:23:43 Tamera

0:23:55 Likatien

0:24:04 Twin Oaks

0:25:34 Acorn

0:26:20 Eastwind

0:27:42 Earthaven Ecovillage

0:28:21 Ganas Community

0:28:45 The Farm

0:29:17 The Venus Project

0:31:38 Arcosanti

0:31:50 Sirius Coummunity, Tamera, Cristiania, Arterra Bizimodu, Valle De Sensaciones, Solbacka, Keuruu, Tarkkila, Livonsaari, Gaijan Luomukylä, Auroville, New Earth Nations, Bafut Ecovillage, Valhalla

0:34:31 Myths about Intentional Communities

0:37:20 Benefits of ICs

0:42:55 Downsides, things to keep in mind concerning living in an IC

0:47:31 How to choose/find a fitting Intentional Community | How to found an IC – 4 steps to build an Intentional Community

0:55:13 Main reasons for failing

1:02:47 Personal experiences & learnings of living in communities/ICs

1:04:10 Q&As

1:04:37 In how far do Intentional Communities contribute to Cosmic Harmony & Universal Peace?

1:08:01 Sneak peak into next Conversation: Blue Giants

1:09:03 Final announcements | End

Shedding light on “Intentional Communities” will allow you to explore the well-hidden world of people, living together with a shared vision beyond the “normal society”. In this insightful conversation with Æshwa Rainbow Dragon, you will learn about the definition and nature of ICs (Intentional Communities), multiple existing ICs all over the world and their characteristics, what it takes, to live in an Intentional Community, the steps to found an IC, …and you will take away lots of inspiration to improve even your here-and-now living situation by applying some the principles of communal living to your current life. You might also be inspired to get in touch with one or the other community mentioned in this video, or with the expert Æshwa Rainbow Dragon himself (see contact information below).


About Æshwa Rainbow Dragon

Æshwa Rainbow Dragon has lived, and travelled through over 120+ communities worldwide and is a co-founder of some intentional communities including Visionarios, Eco-Venus, and Chirusco, as well as the Utopian Ecovillage Network, the first Seed Festival in Adelaide/Australia, the South Australian Damanhurian Esoteric school of Meditation group and the Alliance of Intentional Communities of Australia. He has a passion for the land and believes as custodians of the land it is our duty to maintain its health and vitality, therefore ensuring the health and vitality of the plants, the environment and ultimately our own well-being. RD has studied Agroforestry, Permaculture, and sustainable constructions methods as well as conflict resolution and decision making processes. With over 2 decades of experience in the community world he consults, advices and creates Intentional communities, Ecovillages, Co housing, Co-ops, and similar projects worldwide; He will walk you through all the essential steps, how to avoid the main pitfalls that a successful IC project wants to avoid. Besides being passionate about sharing what he has learned, He is continually expanding his awareness through personal and spiritual development. He practices Yo-kung, Meditation, travelling, Shamanistic practices, exploring unusual places, eating, cooking, processing high-vitality foods, and hugging trees” “The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream; risk to live their dreams and do their best to manifest heaven on earth……Dare to dream, dare to take an initiative of light for our planet and humankind!”

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