Oona Soleil is in a blaze of a calm and loving field of peace so I asked her to have a conversation with me. Here you can tune into it and be nourished by her presence and the insights she shares 💙

5:40 Being at peace with every person no matter what & always finding PEACE WITHIN yourself
9:59 Peace Tools: How would the ANCIENT ONES have done it? How would they have handled a situation like mine? | Figuring out how EMOTIONS work & embarking on MEDITATION
20:11 “The Brilliance of your Feelings – You Are the Answer.” – Understanding that YOU ARE NOT YOUR EMOTIONS & distinguishing between a human being and the human being’s ‘programs’
23:26 We have the ANSWERS to all situations WITHIN US. We have a choice, and the ability to make clear decisions.
25:47 Not compromising the inner Knowledge & FINDING THE CORRECT PEOPLE
31:49 Manifesting – “The first thing we have to MANIFEST, is OURSELVES”
34:21 REACHING THE SOUL of individuals
38:32 INVITATION TO CONNECT and/or meet in Kenia for all People of Peace
43:24 Practical Peace Exercise: ‘MONITORING YOUR THOUGHTS’
44:15 Moving to DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES | “The Lion will lie down with the lamb”
46:45 “We don’t have to eat each other” – New forms of being nourished & SUN GAZING
50:33 Encouragement to reach out, and GET IN TOUCH with Oona 💙


Her deeply anchored solid peace is accompanied by her loving presence:

Oona Soleil Fergusson, half Scottish, half Swiss, has engaged with many ancient cultures, tribes and traditions from all over the world throughout her life. Studying the primal ways of life, she gained a holistic view towards being human and human behavior.

“Discerning your inner essence self and the programs that run your system is key to establishing inner peace.”

Once we get to realize this, we can consciously harness the power of will and feelings. We can research the way our very individual HUMAN DESIGN works and comprehend the multiverse of other human operating systems.

“I have a choice. We have a choice. Knowing this and acting accordingly is the very baseline of clear decision making for a world we want to live in.”

Dive into this conversation with Oona and get inspired by her fine and gentle, strong and vibrant presence!


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